We've done our job when you no longer need us.

Based in Adelaide. Providing Linux services to Australian businesses.


We build platforms for high demand websites.


Australia’s largest and most popular commerce businesses rely on AGIX.



We’ve done our job when you no longer need us.

We teach, blog and contribute. We truly believe in knowledge sharing.

We aren’t Windows Server experts, we don’t sell hardware and we can’t fix printers. We care about Linux, coding and Open-source software.

We’re DevOps. We build servers by the book. Because we’re coders too, we fit well into existing IT departments. In-fact, that’s were we excel.

Just some of the great businesses we support.


Redhat Linux Ready Business Partner.

RH_Tiers_Ready_Partner_RGBThis means we have the connections, experience and means to help you both purchase and deploy your Red Hat solutions. We sell Redhat Enterprise Linux licenses, JBoss licenses and more. We also have RHCE engineers to help you test and deploy your Red Hat software solutions. Confused about Redhat licenses? We can help with years of experience and direct lines to Redhat staff.

We reduce your deployment time and cost with system deployment automation through Puppet and Ansible.

System Integration

SystemIntegrationSolving the incompatibility between business systems is one of the two key areas of the AGIX business focus. We take your key business systems and build an abstract compatibility layer allowing them to “talk” together. For example, suppose you have a Payroll system and a Staff Induction system and you’d like your HR team to query which staff have completed inductions without having to login to multiple portals. This is just and example and we’ve found that most business (the larger ones for sure) have this issue in multiple departments without a doubt. We solve this problem as a matter of normal business.

Linux Performance & Security

hpc2Applications such as Magento, WordPress and Tomcat/Java apps need well considered and implemented application servers and operating systems to function at peak performance. We work with developers and management to ensure smooth system implementation and ongoing performance. Our goal is to give the end client a fast web experience. AGIX supports Linux, MySQL & PostgreSQL, Apache & NginX, PHP-FPM & JAVA, Varnish & HAProxy, Named DNS and LDAP and more.

Kiosks & Assistive Systems.

sign2We’ve been involved in some of Australia’s most widely distributed kiosk systems and we’re very good at it. Does your business need a kiosk or assistive system that your clients and customers can interact with for information, choices and help? We’ve got plenty to contribute and can quickly build your new kiosk system to fit your business.

Our largest deployments of Kiosk systems exceeds 100 units Australia wide and counting. We also do smaller deployments.

8 hours

$ 1600

Per Month

16 hoursMost Popular

$ 3500

Per Month

32 hours

$ 6800

Per Month

$220 inc GST per hour as needed. Monthly plans are flexible with no contract or minimal term. Costs are paid monthly in advance.
For project prices contact our sales team.

About AGIX

We exist to assist your business with Open-Source technology support. We’re developers, system administrators and security analysts.

We focus on web application platforms such as Apache, Nginx, Tomcat and Java as well other non-web related platforms such as Samba, MySQL, Radius and Postfix. We consider ourselves PaaS experts – particularly OpenShift.

We write the code, build the systems and/or assess the security implications and solutions for your projects. We fill in the gabs with expert and qualified technicians.

AGIX technicians are trained and certified in their areas of expertise. We all love and work with Linux every day.

Who we are and what we do: We are Architects for High Demand Web Applications.

Our mission statement: To extend our clients capabilities through smart Open Source.

AGIX was founded in 2008 by Andrew Galdes, Redhat Certified to Engineer level (RHCE). The entire AGIX team is made up of experienced, trained, certified and enthusiastic technicians all focused on providing the most timely and effective services possible.

Our Team

Level 12, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, 5000

Phone: (08) 7324 4429

Andrew Galdes – Managing Director

0422 927 598

Andrew Catford – Senior Technician

0468 920 864

David Lloyd – Senior Technician

0429 990 876

David Fosdike – Security Specialist

0406 333 882

Tony Levi – System Engineer