Munin Email Notifications – Different emails to different people

Send emails to different people for different servers (nodes) with Munin. Here is an example from a working “/etc/munin/munin.conf” file: contact.web_group.command mail -s “MUNIN – ${var:group} :: ${var:host}” web_group@agix.local contact.web_group.always_send warning critical contact.db_group.command mail -s “MUNIN – ${var:group} :: ${var:host}” … Continue reading

Basic Website Stress-Test with Gatling2

This article demonstrates how to run a basic website stress-test using Gatling2. See the previous article on how to install Galting2. In this example, i’m running Gatling2 from “/root/gatling2/”. Create a file in the “/root/gatling2/user-files/simulation/” directory called “MyTest1.scala” (/root/gatling2/user-files/simulation/MyTest1.scala). Add … Continue reading