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Shop Firewalls, Networking & Software

Shop for Netgate Firewalls. We sell the complete Netgate range. We stock a variety of Networking, Anti-Malware and Storage devices that meet our Cybersecurity standards. We sell and support firewall appliances.


Pen-Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

Known how susceptible your business is to hacking before the hackers try. Our penetration testing team (pen-testers) have the experience and know-how to simulate such behavior. You set the scope, we do the [white hat] hacking, and we work together to find solutions.


IT Sales, Support & Maintenance. Cloud & Onsite

Need computer support and sales? Our team can provide you with everything you need, and we can support it. Servers, Desktop computer, Laptops, Switches, Firewall, Access Points (WIFI), Storage and so much more. We can also help with Backups and Cloud services.



We've partnered with Redhat, Netgate, Lenovo, Ubuntu, BitDefender, VMWare, Veeam, Datto and more to ensure we can supply our clients with everything they need.


AGIX and Infos3c are two businesses within the same organization. AGIX focuses on business tech support, while Infos3c focuses on Cybersecurity.


Our services are focused on business tech support and Cybersecurity. Advice, general support, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, and resale of hardware and software.

Penetration Testing

Our [ethical] hackers are well trained, experienced, and understand business systems and priorities. We have techniques and methods that we apply throughout the testing phase, and we report on findings with recommendation for solutions.


We're able to support your business with general system administration (Windows, Linux and MacOS), Cyber Security consulting and incident response, and hardware/software/license sales. We can even help with Desktop Support.