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System Administration & Linux Support

The heart of our business. System Administration and Linux support services. Linux is our core and our technicians are qualified and experienced in Windows, Networking and Firewalls.

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Security Auditing & Firewall Appliances Shop

We provide security auditing, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, report writing and policy reviews and creation. Shop with us for Netgate pfSense firewall appliances to help keep your business secure.

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Technical Videos, Blog Articles & HowTo's

We've created hundreds of technical articles and videos to help businesses across the world. All free. It's our way of giving back.

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Technical articles

Partners & Hardware

We believe in using the best brands and products. We supply and support the excellent hardware including the Netgate range of firewall appliances. We're Netgate partners, Redhat partners and highly trained to sell and support their product ranges.

IT Security Through Planning

Standards Focused

Using Business-Focused Frameworks

Our approach to IT security is base don best practices. We use frameworks to guide us and your IT team in discovering your businesses weak spots and putting together a plan to get from where you are (your current state) to where you want to be (your target state). We do this using the NIST CSF (NIST Cybersecurity Framework). The result is an easy to understand on-going report of exactly what resources your business needs to dedicate to strengthening your IT security posture to the point where your business goals are achieved.

Linux Support Services

We're a Redhat Partner. AGIX services are focused around Linux, firewalls and security. Our technicians are fully qualified, certified and have years of experience with Linux servers.

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Managed Firewalls

We've partnered with Netgate to bring high-performance and featured firewalls running pfSense to South Australia. We install, monitor and manage the firewall appliances. Buy or lease-to-own.

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Sales and Services

We sell the biggest brands and have leasing options. We're Dell, HP, Netgate, Watchguard and Redhat partners.

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System Monitoring

We monitor your servers, firewalls and network for potential issues giving your business the peace of mind that experts are watching over your compute network.

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