About AGIX

AGIX is an Australian based Linux support company. Our goal is to provide Linux support services to businesses across Australia, to promote open-source software and good security practices and to share our knowledge with our clients, through forums, social media and this website.

AGIX is a Boutique IT Business Promoting the Open-Source Philosophy & Good Cyber-security Within Business.

AGIX is an Australian business formed in 2008 by Andrew Galdes, the primary contributor to this website. Head office is located in Adelaide, South Australia. We support clients in most major cities.

The AGIX team is made up of experts in their field. AGIX team members have years of experience, formal education and certifications in Linux, Security, Networking, Coding and other technical fields.

Areas of high competency are Linux System Administration and IT Security.

Our clients are businesses using open-source systems and platforms that general information technology technicians cannot properly support. AGIX is primarily focused on Linux and supporting technologies such as file servers, email servers, database servers, proxy’s, firewalls and other security systems.

We invite you and the world to use the knowledge that you find on this website. We ask that you use it and share it while ensuring the authors are properly acknowledged.

On behalf of the AGIX team, i invite you to contact us and try our support services with your business.