One business can’t provide all services. AGIX partners with IT businesses to expand their services to include Linux and related technologies. If you’re an IT business looking to include Linux in your portfolio, you’re in the right place.

Discuss becoming a partner by contacting AGIX using details on our contact page.

Welcome to the AGIX Partners information page. This is your one-stop-shop to the services AGIX can provide on your behalf. Often businesses have a combination of Windows servers and workstations as well as Linux servers. The Linux servers need just as much attention as any other system. Unmaintained, Linux can be a threat vector just waiting to be exploited.

AGIX is not a general IT support business. Our skills are highly focused on Linux and IT Security. Our business model is to partner with general IT support businesses like yours with the benefit being that you can offer your clients a more comprehensive support package. Our clients are spread across the world. The geographical location of servers that we maintain is inconsequential.

The pricing model is determined by your needs. If AGIX sends the invoice direct to the end-customer, the prices are as details on the “prices” page on this website. However, if the invoice is sent to your IT support business, the prices are adjusted to ensure you still profit from the arrangement.

The following table lists the support areas that we can provide on your behalf. That actual process of delivering these services is up to you. We work behind the scenes as though we’re employed by your IT support business or fully transparently to the end-client. The choice is yours.

Services you can on-sell from AGIX

Linux support work We work with all kinds of Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Mint and more. The distribution of Linux is not so important. We focus on the problem and its solution and that will lead to the right distribution for the job.
Database We work with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and their forks such as Percona and MariaDB. Database migrations, conversions, backups and restores are all part of our service.
Firewalls We do plenty of work with firewalls. Firewalls are usually a combination of both network-based (Cisco, pfSense, Watchguard, etc) and host-based firewalls (iptables). We’re believers in “security in depth” and recommend all systems having firewalls enabled if they’re an option.
Web Servers We specialise in Apache and NginX. “Best practices” provided by software communities often specify the optimal configuration and which web server to use while other times you (the client) may have a preferred choice. We are confident with both and happy to help determine the right tool for your needs.
Proxies We work with Squid forward proxies and Apache and NginX reverse proxies. It’s often necessary to make internal systems accessible from the Internet with more than just NAT (or port forwarding) so a well designed reverse proxy can help safely extend internal services to an external audience.
Authentication Systems We have plenty of experience with authentication systems. Be it a fully fledged LDAP (or even Active Directory) authentication service or an extension to it such as RADIUS. We’re also experienced in the coding side of OAuth2 and web application services.
Network Storage We generally prefer to use purpose built systems for data storage but smaller organisations (or remote office networks) often need a solution to speedy access to data. Cloud solutions are ideal where Internet speeds are very good but until then, a local NAS will be needed. We’ve worked with many kinds of storage systems with involvement of NFS, SMB/CIFS (Samba 3 & 4) and Gluster.
Email These days a Linux server needing email services is likely only to get emails out to another email server for delivery. Such as a website that sends subscribers/users information – WordPress or a CMS. Most businesses have sensibly moved to Office365 and Gmail for Work. We do plenty of work with Postfix to interact (forward onto) cloud based collaboration systems.
Websites We work with WordPress regularly. We generally don’t do the design work in-house but have good relationships with WordPress designers that know what looks good. On the technical side of things, we install, maintain, upgrade and host WordPress installations.
Backups We’re big on tested backups. In other words “we only know backups work if they’re tested”. In that way we’re paranoid about backups and work hard to ensure all systems that require backups ‘are’ backed up. We fit into whatever backup scheme you’re already using. We recommend to use 7 days retention at a minimum and ideally have backups stored off-site (cloud or manually removed from the site) in a secure way. And then test that it works.
Virtualisation We work with virtual systems daily. Businesses generally have infrastructure in-place and we fit into the existing scheme. We happily work with VMWare, KVM, VirtualBox and more.
Automated Deployments We work with automated deployment tools such as Ansible to bring speed and consistency to system deployments. Sometimes a manual job is faster and easier but other times, times when you want multiple versions of the same environment, these tools are the way to go.