AGIX Support Services (Overview)

AGIX is a Linux focused support business based in Adelaide South Australia supporting businesses across the world. AGIX provides the core Linux support servers (system administration, troubleshooting issues, performance tuning, and other normal services) along with key business systems such as web servers, databases, firewalls, proxy servers, storage servers, application servers, emails servers and so much more.

Typically working with us fits into two categories; either we’re working directly with your existing IT team, or we’re working “as” your IT team. Some businesses have just a hand-full of Linux servers in the cloud hosting an online store or providing web-services to other businesses in a B2B arrangement while others have a combination of Windows servers and Linux servers. We’re comfortable and experienced in both scenarios.

When it comes to costs, we’re almost certainly lower priced than our competition mostly due to our location. Our technicians are spread out across Australia and overseas but our business is run from Adelaide, South Australia. Here in SA we have to match local businesses pricing. Our remote clients benefit from this as other places (such as Sydney, London, etc) are otherwise expected to pay more – not with AGIX.

The payments options are simple; either “pay per hour” or “pay per month”. The hourly rate is as simple as AGIX technicians recording work hours and you receiving an invoice shortly after. Our monthly arrangement allows you to budget the same costs for each month regardless of the amount of work needing doing. For example, on the first month there may be plenty of work to do but the second month may have very little work to do. Provided it works out fair over the long run, both parties are happy. If not, we adjust accordingly. No contracts needed unless you require a non-disclosure agreement.

I invite you to contact the managing director to discuss our services and prices. Please use our contact page to see our contact details.