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Pen Testing Tools – Stuff we all need

This article is mostly a cheat sheet for things pen-testers need. Obviously there’s a little picking and choosing depending on the need. Nmap: Ubuntu: apt install nmap CentOS: yum install nmap Nikto: Ubuntu: apt install nikto CentOS: yum install nikto Mimikatz: Hydra: Ubuntu: apt install hydra Cewl: Ubuntu: apt

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Create, List, Copy and Delete Windows Shadow Copy (VSS) on Windows 10

This article lists the PowerShell (and other) commands to create, list, copy from, and delete Windows Shadow Copies, also known as VSS. See Microsoft’s doco here “”. Enable: Enable-ComputerRestore -Drive “C:\” Create: wmic shadowcopy call create Volume=”C:\” List: vssadmin list shadows Copy from: Windows Explorer: Right Click a folder, Select

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