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Kubernetes & Docker Web Servers Windows

Docker for Windows – Install, run and launch a Web Server in Docker

This article shows how to install Docker for Windows 10 (and probably 11), and then start a web server in a Docker container. Install Docker Visit “” and download Docker installer. Start the installation process (you’ll need local admin privileges). During the installation process, the wizard will ask if you

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Kubernetes (MicroK8s) Part 2 – Replica Sets and Scaling on Ubuntu 20.04

This article continues from Part 1 – Installation and configuration. We can create a replica set (replicateset) or “rs” for short, so we can scale an application to meet demand. Create a file on the Kubernetes host called “my-rep-set.yaml” and populate it with the following: Tip: This is just an

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Installing Bitwarden in Docker on Fedora

This article is quick walk-through explaining how to install Bitwarden on Fedora 32 but should work on CentOS 7 and 8 as well as RHEL. Install the docker packages: yum install docker docker-compose systemctl enable docker systemctl restart docker Download the Bitwarden scripts: curl -Lso chmod +x

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