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All HowTo's Cybersecurity MySQL & MariaDB Scripting in Bash

Dump and Backup all MySQL Databases into their own files

This article demonstrates how to backup all MySQL databases into their own files and then tar the lot including system files. #!/bin/bash TO=”/root” FROM=”/etc /var/www/html /var/backups” DBUSER=”root” DBPASS=’MyPassword’ THISHOST=`hostname` DBLIST=`echo “show databases;” | mysql –password=$DBPASS -u $DBUSER | egrep -v ‘^Database$|^information_schema$|^mysql$’` for DBLOOP in `echo $DBLIST` do mysqldump -u $DBUSER

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AGIX Discussion Scripting in Bash

CSS Basics

This article explains how CSS (style sheets) work to enhance websites. Essentially CSS is used to change the way content is displayed in a web browser. Get more tips here Web browsers know what do to when text is marked-up. But you can change that with CSS. The following is

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