Managed Firewalls | pfSense Netgate NextGen Firewall Appliance

Protecting your company assets just got easier and cheaper with an enterprise-grade Firewall


We stock, sell, install and support the latest pfSense firewalls for businesses of all sizes.  Surveys of experts constantly rate our firewalls in the top 10.

All models of the Netgate pfSense NextGen firewall appliance come with the same software features. The only difference is the hardware.


The best firewall for your office network

Firewalls don't just stop bad things coming into your office network, they also control what can go out. They allow staff to access company resources form home and on the road. They filter web-sites and email. They can provide core-network services that your company needs to function. This all adds up to risk. A risk easily managed but only with the right guidance. AGIX offers you guidance, the firewall appliance as well as the ongoing support for that firewall.

We've chosen pfSense from Netgate and the security community. Arguably the most secure operating system running on enterprise hardware configured by experts.

Why we choose pfSense as the best general-use firewall appliance

The biggest tech companies in the world use and trust pfSense because it's opensource (reviewed by the community), has an established reputation, is standards compliant and comes with no limitations on features. Small businesses and global giants both get the same features with the only difference being the hardware that pfSense is running on.

We have access to the full range of pfSense appliances. From the small office SG-3100 model through to the XG-1541 1U rack-mounted model.

Key features of the pfSense that businesses expect

  1. Protect businesses with high-speed Internet connections such as fiber and NBN.
    1. pfSense appliances work with basically any Internet connection provided that the Internet connection is suitably terminated and provisioned.
    2. With the right pfSense model, a single pfSense have protect several businesses sharing a single Internet connection.
  2. Advanced firewall features such as intrusion detection and intrusion prevention.
    1. The pfSense can detect intrusion attempts and then add those attackers to black-lists to prevent network access to hackers.
  3. VPN services including OpenVPN, IPSec and Amazon (AWS) virtual private networks.
    1. Use the pfSense to allow employees to securely connect back to the office network to access documents and use internal resources.
    2. Amazon and other cloud providers allow VPN connections between them and pfSense firewalls essentially allowing your business to securely extend to cloud-based networks.
  4. Remotely manageable by experts.
    1. The AGIX team can install a pfSense appliance in your officer network and manage it remotely.
    2. Changes can be applied to meet your business needs (such as new VPN connections for new staff) as needed.
    3. If your business has several offices, one pfSense in each office allows them to all be protected and managed remotely.
    4. Security event logs can be sent to our secure central logging server. Optional.
  5. High performance.
    1. The Internet connection you're paying for is only as good as the speed of the firewall you use. The pfSense comes in several models allowing you to get the right model for your needs.
    2. VPNs and complex firewall rules can slow down firewalls. The pfSense models range up to corporate grade with high performance resources.

Purchasing and leasing your pfSense firewall appliace

Contact our team to get a manage pfSense firewall into your business network. We have most pfSense appliances in stock and ready to deploy.

Frequently asked questions

What is a managed firewall?

A managed firewall has a qualified team of people logging into it, review its logs and making adjustments to it as threats change, as your business requirements change and to apply updates to security features.

Why use a managed firewall as opposed to a normal one?

Most firewalls are installed and left unattended until someone needs a change made or a security incident investigated. With AGIX monitoring your firewall, we'll know quickly if your threat level changes, and our technicians will make changes to adapt to the threat.

I already have a firewall, what would change?

Unless you already have a  pfSense firewall, AGIX will install a new firewall appliance - a new device running the latest pfSense - and configure it to your needs.

How much does it cost for the service and the firewall appliance?

Financing a managed firewall in your business works much like a mobile phone contract. The monthly fee includes both the payments for the firewall appliance and the support hours for AGIX to manage the firewall appliance. By the end of the 12 first months, the firewall appliance will be paid for and you monthly fee will be reduced by the appliance payment component and consist entirely of the support cost.

In other words, the firewall appliance belongs to AGIX for the first 12 months while you're paying it off. Your first 12 months consists of "appliance payment + service fee". In your 13th month onward, your monthly fee will consist of only the service fee and the appliance will then be paid off and owned by you.

Who manages the firewall and how do we (the customer) know that experts are really managing the firewall?

AGIX technicians have completed pfSense training and can either full manage your pfSense or co-manage it with your staff.  AGIX technicians are the primary go-to people for the firewall but you have access to it. You can make changes, take backups, add user-accounts for VPN services and generally have full administrative access to the firewall appliance.

What if we need changes made in a hurry?

AGIX technicians are responsive and able to assist at short notice. However, if the need arises, you can manage your pfSense firewall yourself. We encourage you to be involved, understand the system and to see the benefits of having such a security appliance. Together, your team and ours, your network will have the best internet security.




AGIX is proud to be a Netgate partner allowing us to install, configure and manage your company firewall running pfSense. This gives you assurance that your business has a qualified team of experts managing your Internet connection security.