Information Security

Are you interested in Cyber Insurance? We can help prepare your business. We have the audit questions, skills, know-how and Policy Documents to prepare your business. Contact our friendly team to find out how we can help.

AGIX IT security people have formal study, degrees and certifications. We start with policies and procedures and strategy and work our way down to what you’re trying to protect, how it should be protected, who should do it and how we can manage change as new systems come onboard.

We’re familiar with ISO 27k, CISSP, Security+, NIST and other best practices, guides and standards businesses either want to or need to comply with. We understand Cyber Insurance and can help your business prepare.

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Security is not just antivirus and strong passwords. It’s about knowing what the business needs to make money and continue doing business. It’s about protecting assets (staff, customers, resource and intellectual property) and ensuring that ongoing checks and procedures are followed to ensure long term success.

In addition to high level processes, we can run vulnerability checks agains your systems, we can advise on how to move forward with more secure systems and we can even develop those systems for you.

We’re believers in “security in depth” and “the three pillars of Information Technology Security – Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability”.

Security Mindset AGIX technicians think about security and how it impacts everything we do. We understand the seriousness of security and how it impacts the business. Security is not just antivirus, backups and a firewall. We discuss the objectives of your business, understand the existing business continuity plan and the worst-case options. We believe in starting from the top with audits (identifying the assets to protect), assign those assets replacement values, identify the threats (how can the assets be negatively affected), determine mitigation plans knowing our budget (by earlier identifying asset values) and working towards implementing mitigation tasks followed up with change management.
Security Qualifications AGIX technicians have university qualifications, more than a dozen years experience or certifications in security. We aren’t arrogant and we know no one person can know it all. We work as a team, exchange information, discuss the matters, work to best practices and, most importantly, work with you to find the right solutions.
Security Auditing We’re regularly asked to assist with auditing a corporate network. This might be to solve performance issues or to discover what a suspect staff member has been doing or accessing. We also use auditing systems to record routine maintenance work which we later use for reports.
Vulnerability Testing We use industry standard vulnerability detection systems to discover issues in client’s networks and systems. We take the next step and fix the issues (where required). We don’t just run the software and email you the report. We dig as deep as required.