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Purchase and download the latest version of our IT Policy Documents archive.
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Purchase and download our archive of IT policy documents. The current version of our policy archive includes the following policy documents. Our templates are based on various resources and contributors such as SANS who make similar documents freely available. However, our experts have gone to great lengths to customize, correct, alter and improve to ensure high quality Information Technology policies.

The documents we’ve included in our archive are those most fitting general businesses and exclude those that are not generally/broadly of use. Any funds raised from this purchase are put back into the efforts of the AGIX team to further the opensource philosophy and promote good cyber-security within business.

By purchasing the this archive, you’re going to receive our improvements and modification made by IT Security experts on mostly public content. The documents will need to be reviewed and modified to fit your specific needs. We don’t guarantee error free content but we do emphasis the work we’ve put into these documents to ensure they are of good quality and fit for use.

What’s included:

  1. acceptable_use_policy.docx
  2. clean_desk_policy.docx
  3. data_breach_response.docx
  4. database_credentials_policy.docx
  5. disaster_recovery_plan_policy.docx
  6. email_policy.docx
  7. ethics_policy.docx
  8. incident_response_policy.docx
  9. information_logging_standard.docx
  10. password_construction_guidelines.docx
  11. password_protection_and_authentication_policy.docx
  12. remote_access_policy.docx
  13. remote_access_tools_policy.docx
  14. router_and_switch_security_policy.docx
  15. security_response_plan_policy.docx
  16. server_security_policy.docx
  17. technology_equipment_disposal_policy.docx
  18. web_application_security_policy.docx
  19. wireless_communication_policy.docx
  20. workstation_security_policy.docx