Netgate Firewall Appliance Shop

AGIX is a Netgate partner. We sell and support Netgate firewall appliances. Our technicians are trained, use Netgate appliances daily and support clients around the world with their Netgate systems.

Once the payment is made, check your Inbox to verify the order details. Prices listed don't include GST. 



Q: Are there other products available form Netgate?

A: Yes, we can supply all devices and accessories. The items listed on this page are typically in stock and available for dispatch same or next day. Contact us for devices and accessories not displayed on this page.

Q: Is AGIX an authorized reseller?

A: Yes, AGIX is an authorized Netgate partner and reseller. Our technicians have done the training and support businesses around the world with their Netgate products.

Q: Can the Netgate appliance be configured prior to dispatch?

A: Yes, we often configure the device prior to dispatch. This is common for corporate and first-time Netgate users.