Your Business Internet Security Appliance Is Here


A Firewall That Does Everything You need

    • VPN for remote work
    • Safe surfing for staff
    • Detect & block hackers
    • Fully installed and managed by experts

Your business has an Internet connection allowing you and your staff to surf the web, work with email and make phone calls. And like most small businesses, you have no firewall. A Firewall controls data flowing in and out of your business. A NextGen firewall does the same thing but with more advanced and dynamic features. A NextGen firewall should be the standard you adopt for your business.

The NextGen firewall from AGIX is an appliance packed with all the features large companies use but at a price small businesses can easily afford. The AGIX NextGen firewall is a Netgate appliance running pfSense - an advanced firewall running key features that detect, block and protect computers and information.

Features you can expect from an AGIX NextGen Firewall Appliance

  • Control over what comes in and goes out of your computer network.
  • Advanced features to adapt and block threats from the Internet.
  • Monitor and set controls on what staff can do on the Internet.
  • Allow staff and sales people to securely connect to the network using a VPN.
  • Provide core network features like DHCP and DNS.
  • Add features with plugins and expansions.

Expert support from qualified technicians

  • AGIX sell, setup and maintain the firewall so you don't have to.
  • AGIX works with you and your staff to make sure the firewall is doing its job.
  • Just like a monitored alarm, AGIX¬† monitor your firewall and respond to security events.
  • AGIX is the only authorised reseller in South Australia.


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Why trust AGIX with your Internet security?

We're able to provide references and proof of competencies. Our technicians have years of experience, certifications and happy clients.

AGIX is the only authorised Netgate / pfSense NextGen firewall appliance reseller in South Australia.