AGIX services are divided into three pillars. Each pillar overlaps with the others. Every business that needs a web application built, also needs IT security for that web application and a stable platform to host it on.

The three pillars of AGIX services.

Linux SysAdmin | IT Security | Web Development

Our system administrators are Linux focused and trained with certifications. Our IT security people constantly study new threats, new responses and new technologies to better provide business continuity strategies. Our web developers use the latest frameworks such as PHP/Laravel and Spark to rapidly develop and deploy complex (and simple) web applications.

We aren’t Windows server and desktop experts. We aren’t experts with printers and copiers. We aren’t experts in phone systems and server cabinet installations. We are clear about what we don’t to as much as what we do.

Whatever we do for your business, you can rest assured that we back it up with skilled technicians with years of experience working as a team of experts in their own fields.