AGIX supports businesses across the world in three key areas of expertise. System Administration, Networking and Firewalls and Business IT Security. This is our focus as an organisation of like-minded technical team members. 


System Administration

Our key competency is Linux and the associated technologies so often relied upon in the opensource community. Most businesses use and rely on Linux to provide key services to their clients. From web servers and databases to security auditing tools and firewalls. Our tech includes Linux trainers, certified technicians and team members with more than 20 years experience with up-to-date knowledge of Linux operating systems.

Windows and MacOS are included in our System Administration service. While Linux is our core competency, Windows and MacOS is never far away. Businesses use a combination of technologies in a "right tool for the job" arrangement. We at AGIX fully support this philosophy and work with technicians and technologies of varying types and capabilities.

AGIX is a Redhat Business Partner. We sell Redhat licenses as well as providing a wide scope of technical support.

Networking & Firewalls

AGIX is a Netgate Partner allowing us to import and sell and support the full range of Netgate products. Our technicians are qualified to support a wide range of firewall and networking appliances. We sell and support networking equipment from the biggest vendors including Cisco, HP and Netgate.

We have certifications and ongoing training programs to ensure our staff are properly trained to provide the level of support that businesses across the work expect from us.

Business IT Security

Security is increasingly important to businesses given the constant rise in bad-actor behavior and events. We focus on the guidance of platforms and frameworks including NIST and ISO 2700x. By using these frameworks, we can provide guidance to our clients to improve their security posture across their organisation.

We have experience with audit preparedness, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. However, we focus on the "big picture" effort initially to ensure there is a holistic approach to IT security. We work out way down to finer points of interest and value to the organisation through the creation and use of Policies and Procedures.

We're both interested and qualified to work with your business to improve your security posture.