Web Development

Web Development has changed. We can now produce high quality, secure and functional web applications in a fraction of the time it used to take. That means less money too.

AGIX focuses on projects requiring less than 100 hours of development time. For the big projects, we partner with software houses that have dozens of programmers. Talk to us about large and small projects. We’re sure to be able to help out or introduce you to the people who can.

Our goal in web development is to build the simplest functional web-based application that works on all platforms from smartphones to desktop computers. We focus on the sub 100 hour projects – projects that can be delivered in a few weeks.

Web applications range from simple customer databases (a fancy address book) to system that make two other systems work together through the use of APIs. We develop with PHP using the Laravel framework. We go further and use the Spark framework to extend Laravel’s capabilities ultimately giving us a head start on the project and forcing good standards and consistency.

Our web applications work (almost certainly) on all devices such as smart phones and tablets right through to laptops and workstations. We even make Kiosk systems for shopping centers.

Sometimes the simple web-apps are those that save the big dollars.

Recently we completed a mini-project that reduced Business-2-Business fraud and staff processing time. The project saves thousands of dollars every day and cost the client only $3k. We created a web-application that allows for faster data input supporting barcode scanners (no manual data input) and the result was no people had to check the data – the system did it in real time. These are the projects we’re proud of.

Scripting We’re system administrators and we love automation. We write scrips on a daily basis to automate processes, find and fix problems and sort through data.
PHP We write PHP code every day. Sometimes it’s simply to modify an online store or a custom web-application. It makes sense that we can provide these development services given that we can help you build your network and assist you with coding too. We work well with developers from all kinds of agencies.
Laravel / Spark We see the advantages of using PHP platforms that reduce project time and money and deliver on security, performance, standards and consistency. If you’re not familiar with Laravel and Spark, you’re missing out. They’re great for rapid development and are an excellent framework for projects that start small and become large.
Business-2-Business We build system hat help business work together. Sometimes it allows smartphone apps to work with back-end systems and other times it’s to allow product purchases between vendors. We understand the technology, the security implications and how the projects need to be run.